Realignment after a change in strategy

Frankfurt am Main based Coreo AG, is a real estate company focussing on commercial and residential properties in Germany. It aims to develop and manage a value-driven real estate portfolio. Active asset management of the properties and their redevelopment shall create high rental income and attractive sales proceeds, so that Coreo establishes itself as a profitable and successful real estate Company in the long term.


Value retention and vision create returns

Coreo AG’s strategy is marked by an expansive, selective approach to its real estate investments. This concept focuses on the acquisition and management of commercial properties, especially in the office and retail sectors. Here, preference is given to leading centres for business in Germany, creating the foundations for long-term, stable rental income.

Residential properties also play an important role, in meeting expectations in terms of Coreo AG’s yields. They are located ideally in the major conurbations in Germany and are used to diversify and reduce the risk of the real estate portfolio. In addition, chances and opportunities are used very selectively. Coreo AG may acquire value-added properties individually in order either to resell them at a profit after a brief holding period or increase their recoverability significantly and sustainably in the medium term with an active “manage to core” approach.


Marin N. Marinov

The qualified engineer Marin N. Marinov started his career at the Deutsche Bank AG Group and in the financial department at Andersen Consulting (now accenture). He then moved into the real estate industry and held various management positions in renowned companies such as DTZ, Vivico Real Estate (now CA Immo), Hudson Advisors Germany and JLL over a period of more than 20 years. His responsibilities included activities relating to real estate investment and real estate asset management. During this period, Mr. Marinov was responsible for the acquisition, asset management and sale of real estate and real estate portfolios with a total volume of several billion euros.

Axel-Günter Benkner
Member of the supervisory board (Vice chairman)

After studying economics at the University of Giessen with degrees in Diplom-Oeconom (graduate economist) and Diplom-Kaufmann (business graduate), Axel-Günter Benkner started in 1980 his professional career as funds manager at DWS Investments in Frankfurt. In 1990, he joined the general management and since 2002 he heads the company as spokesman. In autumn 2002, Axel-Günter Benker was elected board spokesman by the member companies of the Bundesverband Investment und Asset Management (Federal German Investment and Asset Management Association). He continued in that office until 2005. Then he was appointed by Deutsche Bank as CEO DWS-Group and Head of Europe of the business unit Asset Management.

Besides his activities within the Deutsche Bank Group, Axel-Günter Benker was lecturer at several universities and professional associations and wrote books about the topics stock exchange and asset management.

At the end of 2006, Axel-Günter Benker terminated his activity at Deutsche Bank Group in order to invest intensive efforts in projects of charity and music, staying nevertheless in contact with the finance sector due to several positions in supervisory boards and his consulting activities.

Stefan Schütze
Chairman of the supervisory board

Mr. Stefan Schütze, accredited as a lawyer (LL.M. in mergers and acquisitions), has long-term experiences as an Attorney-at-Law, legal advisor and as member and chairman of several supervisory boards of listed investment companies. He served as legal advisor for the listed investment company bmp, Berlin and is currently working as chief investment officer for FinLab AG, another listed investment company in Frankfurt am Main. Mr. Schütze holds office on the  following legally mandated supervisory boards: artec technologies AG, Diepholz, chairman of the supervisory board; JDC Group AG, Wiesbaden, member of the supervisory board and UET United Electronic Technology AG, Eschborn, member of the supervisory board, Consortia Vermögensverwaltung AG, member of the supervisory board, kapilendo AG, Berlin, member of the supervisory board.

Dr. Friedrich Schmitz
Member of the supervisory board

Dr. Friedrich Schmitz, who was awarded a doctorate in law in Paris, is an expert in the area of asset management and held in the past management positions in companies like Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank or Jupiter. During his professional career at Deutsche Bank until 2000, he was responsible as divisional director in the asset Management for the institutional business of Europe and later until 2007 CEO of the Global Asset Management of Commerzbank AG. Today, Dr. Schmitz is partner and member of the general management at CE Asset Management in the Swiss municipality Meilen at the lake of Zurich and he also advices on different supervisory board mandates. Dr. Schmitz puts his emphasis on transparent, comprehensible structures and team-oriented decisions.


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Investor Relations

Transparency as a top priority

The annual shareholders´meeting of Coreo AG took place on Thuesday, 19th of June 2018, at 10 a. m. on the premises of the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek, Adickesallee 1, 60322 Frankfurt am Main. Further information is only available in German.



The ordinary shareholders´ meeting of Coreo AG took place on Wednesday 30 August 2017 on the premises of the Jahrhunderthalle, Pfaffenwiese 301, 65929 Frankfurt am Main. Further information is only available in German.

Notice of annual shareholders´ meeting
Articles of association
Annual report Coreo AG 2016




The extraordinary Shareholders´ Meeting of Coreo AG took place on Tuesday 2 February 2017 on the premises of the German National Library, Adickesallee 1, 60322 Frankfurt am Main. Further information is only available in German.


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Assets: As of 31 Decembr 2017, the Net Asset Value is EUR 2,07 per share of Coreo AG.

Coreo AG
Grüneburgweg 18
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